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Pokemon RP Reborn

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Hi there, I'm Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r, otherwise known as Sirus!

Welcome to the Pokemon RP Reborn website!
This site is brand new, and its
completion is currently being juggled along with programming the game, uni study, and
various other stuff. So in other words, if this site isn't quite finished or totally updated
yet, that's why!
So, let's get started shall we? Click a link to jump to a page, or scroll down for the latest news on Reborn!

NEWS (As of 02/04/06)

Well, I've finished the core programming of the battle system, but as of yet it's still
broken and full of bugs. Yet hope remains, as I'm slowly but surely fixing them (it'd be
faster if I had more time and less tests coming up). Once the battle system is totally
working, I'm going to redo the stats system, so that Pokemon level up correctly (there's
some bug in it somewhere that makes Charizards really, really powerful). After that, I'll
put the game online again! (Yay!)
Oh and I seem to have picked up some more iconers so we may get those new
sprites after all!